Protect Your Investment: 10 Campervan Hacks to Keep Your Motorhome in Top Condition

According to the Express, the UK motorhome industry hit £500million in 2016. Typically, to own a motorhome or campervan you have to make an investment that you can’t afford to lose. This article takes you through the ultimate ‘campervan hacks’ that will help you protect your motorhome, and help to hold it’s value.

These recreational vehicles bring about a rare camping experience. They make camping easy, comfortable and more thrilling.

To get the best out of your motorhome, safeguarding it is inevitable. It has to be secure from damage, fire, vandalism, and theft. These tips and tricks will keep your motorhome in perfect condition:

1. Keep Everything in Order 

You have to maintain all components to preserve the value of the motorhome. Whenever something isn’t working as expected, ensure you do a quick repair. By doing this, your motorhome will remain sturdy, secure and reliable.

If you buy your leisure vehicle from a reputable dealer you will be supplied with a warranty. This should be utilised to its fullest to ensure that all issues are kept on top off. For example, water ingress can increase in size should it not be caught early. An immediate fix is essential.

It is the dream of everyone to utilise the motorhome as much as possible. That can only be achieved when the motorhome’s components are kept in perfect condition. Any time before setting out for a journey, check that everything is working correctly.

2. Service Your Motorhome

To protect your vehicle, constant servicing is essential. Look for a specialist, reliable garage to have your motorhome serviced. It is crucial to perform adequate services to minimise the chances of breaking down.

There are two services required for a campervan/motorhome; a mechanical and a habitation service. The mechanical service ensures that the engine is in full working order. The habitation service will check the gas, electric and water systems whilst also offering a in-depth water ingress report.

The transmission systems also require regular checks to function flawlessly. Check the braking systems, oil levels, leakages, etc. This is one of the ultimate campervan hacks that will keep your motorhome in top condition.

Besides servicing, ensure all repairs are done as soon as any flaws are noticed. Use a good garage that will attend to the vehicle accordingly. Also, keep in touch with mechanics who have the technical capability of repairing such a vehicle.

3. Polish Your Motorhome

Adding a layer of polish now and again is an excellent way to protect your campervan or motorhome. Recreational vehicles can wear out at a faster rate than normal ones. This happens mostly in the winter due to the unfavourable conditions.

Your motorhome might start getting rusty after a few months. This is a normal phenomenon that you have to take care of. Always polish both the interior and exterior parts that look worn out.

A polished motorhome looks neat, presentable, and well maintained. Besides, polishing slows down the rate of depreciation, thus helping to hold its value better.

If polishing isn’t your thing there are services offered by companies such as Diamond Brite who offer paint protection solutions. Their products act as a
hard, high gloss protective skin so that the requirement for polishing is massively reduced.

4. Keep the Motorhome Insured

Getting the right insurance package is key to its protection. A motorhome is different from any other vehicle out there as it acts a car and home at the same time. It’s vulnerable to more risks.

A comprehensive insurance policy provides adequate cover for the motorhome. If anything happens to the motorhome, you can seek compensation. With the right insurance cover, you don’t risk losing money in case of an accident, damage, or even theft.

Top providers who specialise in motorhome and caravan insurance include SafeGuard and Caravan Guard. Check them out!

5. Monitor Your Battery and Power Systems

A faulty battery will give you sleepless nights. The battery provides power to all components in the motorhome and should be kept in the best condition possible.

All the charging systems and power controls should all be continuously checked. A faulty power system may damage the electrical components leading to component and engine failure. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on them.

6. Don’t Expose the Motorhome to Harsh Conditions

One of the best techniques to safeguard your motorhome is to keep away from unfavourable conditions whenever possible. Below are some of the things to avoid;

  • Lighting fires too close to the motorhome
  • Cruising on salty roads for long periods of time
  • Overburdening the motorhome with excess weight
  • Driving on damaged roads

Doing these things will damage you motorhome within no time. Treat your vehicle well, and it will serve you well for a long time.

7. Avoid Lending Out Your Motorhome

Lending out your motorhome to friends is something you should avoid by all means. It is one of the easiest ways to lose value on your investment.

Motorhomes are attractive and likeable. Immediately after you purchase your valuable motorhome, there will be an admiration from your close pals. However, whenever it becomes a shared property, you could lose all that you cherish.

Saying no to any advances or requests from friends is something you should consider. If you want a great camping experience, stick to just using your motorhome yourself.

8. Upgrade Your Locks (and Alarm)

Campervans and motorhomes are easy targets for thieves. Make sure you invest in good quality locks that can’t be easily broken into. This will safeguard the motorhome or campervan and all its components.

Many motorhomes come with default locks from the factories. However, they are no guarantees for the safety and security of your vehicle. Consider keyless entry locks. These are more secure, making them more difficult to break into.

It’s also a wise move to get an alarm fitted. In the unfortunate circumstance that someone does end up breaking into your leisure vehicle you at least have the piece of mind knowing that there is an added layer of protection – the public.

9. Cover the Motorhome When Not In Use

The motorhome is a typically a seasonal vehicle, and you won’t be using it all the time. Therefore, how you preserve it when it’s not in use matters a great deal. Look for a good quality protective cover that covers the entirety of the motorhome.

Covering your campervan or motorhome protects it from sunlight, dust, frost, snow, and all forms of dirt. Proper covering prevents your motorhome from coming into contact with any of these damaging elements.

10. Keep it Tracked

Tracking the motorhome is a way of protecting your motorhome from theft. With a well-fitted tracking device, you will always be in control of events when anything bad happens.

The tracking device should be hidden in such a way that no one can interfere with it. When the worse happens, it will help to protect your investment.

Besides tracking, you can install a remote locking feature that you can use to lock the motorhome. The private locking mechanism will prevent the motorhome from being mobilised immediately after you activate it.

Campervan Hacks – The Bottom Line

The above campervan hacks will help protect your motorhome. As with any investment, protecting your motorhome means more years of use for you. Before any long trip, be sure to service it and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Owning a motorhome makes family trips more fun and memorable. If you’re looking to buy one, our team at Auto Finance Online can help with securing the necessary finance. When you’re ready, be sure to apply online, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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