Mobile Livin’: 6 Amazing Benefits of Buying a Motorhome

There’s no place like home, especially one that has a room with a view. Better still though, how about a room with potentially endless views? Buying a motorhome will give you the opportunity to enjoy exactly that.

Around a quarter of million motorhomes are estimated to be on Britain’s roads. It’s time to join a growing community. Escape the drudgery of everyday life and enjoy your new found freedom and independence.

Here are more of the benefits that’ll come with investing in your new home on wheels.

Photo of a family enjoying a motorhome holiday

1. An Affordable Lifestyle

Those weekend breaks and Summer holidays abroad will often involve staying at hotels. It can be an expensive business. It also ties you down in one place and can mean you end up paying premium prices for things like drinks and meals.

It’s not hard to feel that, as a customer, you’re pandering to the convenience of a hotel rather than the other way around. Imagine not having to eat breakfast at a set time and having the freedom to choose when and what you want to eat. 

It’s a simple fact that investing in a motorhome will free you up from the shackles of what suits others. You’ll have the flexibility to stay or move on. This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. 

Tot up what you’d spend on a few holidays for a family of four and you could well find that a second-hand motorhome is well within your budget. Financing the project can be straightforward too even if you’ve been declined credit in the past.

2. Owning a Second Home on Wheels

Once you’ve invested in a motorhome you’ll belong to an expanding bunch of like-minded adventurers. You’ll have made a lifestyle choice, joining others who are seeking more variety and want to escape the mundanity of everyday life

Around ninety per cent of owners say that they’re happy with their motorhomes. Hardly surprising then that, ‘Just do it!’ is a familiar response when motorhome owners are asked to advise anyone considering life on the road. 

A fixed holiday home can seem an attractive choice. With it comes utility bills, maintenance costs, and other charges. A motorhome eliminates lots of outgoings. You get the second home without a plethora of new direct debits and worries.

3. Enjoy the Freedom 

A motorhome is one way to satisfy any sense of wander-lust you may be harbouring. Forget the restraint of having to stay in one place. You’ll also to be able to follow the sun and head to where the weather looks best.

You could be parked up for the night and taking in the views of a Scottish loch one night. The next day it could be one of the castles in Northumberland that takes your fancy before you head to your favourite music festival.

You’ll have the added resource of a community to draw on. Owners love to offer advice on anything from the best sites to organising a motorhome’s interior. There are countless ‘meets’ organised by clubs where you can get to know others too.

If you’re going to be travelling with kids, very often there’ll be a new set of friends for them to play with at the next campsite. Some sites have special kids’ clubs too which could give you some real peace and quiet during your well-deserved break.

4. Ease of Travel

When you get to your destination, it’s a lot easier and faster to get yourself set up than it might be if you were towing. This is certainly something to consider if you are heading into later life.

You can even sling a couple of bicycles on the back of your motorhome: ideal for a quick trip to the pub’. And, if you’re travelling with dogs (or other pets) then you may find campsites are a lot more welcoming than some hotels. 

You’re also more likely to be in a location where it’s easier and more pleasant to walk the dog. 

Motorhomes are sometimes more practical if you want to spend a night or two without paying for a proper site. It can be as easy as pulling up in a safe place and settling down for the night.

5. Size Matters When Buying a Motorhome

Before embarking on your purchase, you need to decide how many people you’re going to need to sleep in your motorhome. If you’re going to be travelling with kids then a motorhome with bunk beds might be ideal.

When considering the number of berths you require make sure there is a sufficient number of seatblets for the number of peope you wish to transport. Just because it is a 6 berth does not mean 6 people can travel in the motorhome. Everyone must have a seatbelt.

As with a caravan purchase, some manufacturers can even configure a brand new motorhome in a way that’s going to suit you best. Consider as well when and where you’re planning to travel.

If you’re staying in the UK and want to use your motorhome all year round, then heating could be a must-have. Air-conditioning could be just as important if you’re going to be heading to the south of Spain in mid-Summer.

6. A True Home from Home

You don’t need to be without your creature comforts in a motorhome. Many vehicles are packed with features such as showers, toilets, and fridge-freezers. Often you’ll also have the ability to hook up to the mains on your chosen campsite. 

That also means you’ll be able to recharge any batteries on board for when you decide to be off-grid. How cool to be able to take a dip in the sea followed by a hot shower before moving off for the rest of your travels?

Instead of being restricted to eating out, you’ll be able to shop in local markets and buy the freshest produce to cook up yourself. Visit locations renowned for their foodstuffs and create some great ‘on the road’ recipes

It’s Time to Hit the Road

One of the key attractions of buying a motorhome is the freedom that comes with it. Instead of being stuck in one place, you can decide when and where you want to go. Join the thousands of others who share your love of adventure.

Start living the dream now by finding out more here about how we help you to finance the motorhome you’ve been longing for.

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