8 Top Motorhome Security Tips – Safety First!

There’s nothing better than getting a taste of freedom while still enjoying the comfort of your own home. This dream has led millions of people around the world to buy motorhomes. You can travel to any destination you can reach by road and take your home with you.

While you may not be living in your motorhome full time, it still offers familiarity, personalisation, and comfort. However, travelling in a motorhome isn’t always safe.

You need to take motorhome security tips seriously. Motorhome safety and security can keep you safe and prevent you from losing any valuables (including the motorhome itself). Furthermore, it can protect you in the event that something bad happens.

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

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#1 Research Your Destination and Pit Stops

One of the most important security tips for motorhome travel is planning your trip in advance. Whether you have a specific destination in mind or are letting the road take you, you need to plan out your overnight locations.

With the advancement of technology, staying connected to the internet is easy. Use your phone or a mobile hotspot while travelling to give yourself internet access. This way, you can research the right pitstops for you and your family, even if you’re already on the road.

If you have kids, we recommend researching the best family motorhome parks. These parks will offer safe and fun camping experiences.

#2 Avoid Traveling Alone

It’s important to be independent and capable. However, it may not be the best idea to travel alone. Travelling solo can make you more vulnerable to dangerous or otherwise unpleasant situations.

Travelling with at least one other person, on the other hand, has multiple benefits:

  • You’re less likely to be victimised (assault, robbery, etc.)
  • You’ll have company and someone to enjoy the experience with
  • You’ll have someone who can take great pictures of you at your various stops and destinations
  • You’ll have help in case of a breakdown, flat tire, or other mechanical issues
  • And more

If you decide not to travel with someone, make sure you tell a few people back home where you’re going and when you expect to get home. They should be apprised of your whereabouts at all times, even if it means letting them track your phone.

You should also communicate with them daily to tell them your plans for the next day. Let them know that your mobile phone reception may be spotty, but to expect frequent check-ins.

#3 Install Security Equipment

One of the best motorhome security tips is to make your vehicle a hard target. The more difficult it is for someone to break into your motorhome and get away with it, the less likely they are to follow through.

We recommend investing in a security system. You can put alarms on the windows and doors. You can also put a motion sensor spotlight on your motorhome.

Finally, consider installing a wireless security camera. As long as it’s visible to people, it doesn’t even have to work. People will be less inclined to tamper with your motorhome if they think they’re being recorded.

#4 Make Your Motorhome Harder to Highjack

You can protect your motorhome by making it harder to steal. For example, drive headfirst into your camping spot. While backing it in will make it easier for you to pick up and leave, it will also make it easier for someone to highjack.

You should also put wheel blocks under your tires to make it more of a process for someone to take off in your motorhome. Consider investing in a boot lock to lock the wheel and make it impossible to turn.

#5 Get the Motorhome Checked Out By a Mechanic Before Hitting the Road

Motorhome and caravan safety also depends on reliability. As noted above, you’ll want to do a little research to determine where to stop and stay overnight. However, if you’re motorhome breaks down, you won’t have any control over where you stop.

Before taking off, go over a maintenance checklist to make sure your vehicle is in prime condition. We recommend taking it to a trusted mechanic for a checkup.

#6 Invest in Better Locks for Doors and Windows

Not all motorhomes come with the best door and window locks. If you want to boost your motorhome security, we suggest investing in better locks.

Upgrading your motorhome locks can also have other benefits, such as keyless entry, smart technology, and more.

#7 Install a Hidden Safe for Valuables

One of the most important security tips for travelling in a motorhome is to protect your valuables at all times. Partly, this comes down to keeping a low profile. Don’t leave your phone, tablet, or any other expensive items in view.

For things like driver’s licenses, cash, and other vital assets, we recommend locking them up in a safe. Install a small safe in your motorhome in a somewhat hidden location. It should also be bolted into the vehicle to prevent people from taking it and running.

#8 Invest in Adequate Motorhome Insurance

Finally, to ensure you and your family’s safety, security, and peace of mind on the road, invest in the best motorhome insurance for your needs. In the event of something terrible happening, motorhome insurance will help you recoup your losses. This includes accidents, thefts, break-ins, fires, and more.

Many motorhome insurance plans also come with roadside assistance, free towing, lodging expenses, and more. This can be a saving grace if you break down in the middle of nowhere.

Looking for More Motorhome Safety and Security Tips?

If you want to enjoy your travelling lifestyle to it’s fullest potential, you need to make motorhome safety and security a top priority. Follow the motorhome security tips listed above and customise them based on your needs and circumstances.

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