Top 11 Benefits of Motorhome Living for Retirees

It’s estimated that there are around 225,000 motorhomes in the UK. It’s clear that it’s a popular vehicle with some of the population, so you may have been curious about life on the road.

Most people use it as a means of transportation while on holiday, but did you know it’s highly useful in retirement as well?

Read on to find out the top 11 benefits of motorhome living for retirees.

An old age couple enjoying motorhome living

1. Travel Across Countries

Perhaps you don’t want to or can’t fly, but you’d love to explore what other countries have to offer. With a motorhome, you can slowly make your way across new territory and enjoy the scenery while on the way.

2. Travel Is a Lot Easier

Going on a permanent holiday can be fun, especially when you own a motorhome. When you use other modes of transportation, you’ll have to pack and unpack with each destination.

Bring your home along with you and you won’t have that hassle anymore. Plus, you get to sleep each night in your comfortable space instead of a run-down hotel with lumpy mattresses. You’ll also get to use your own bathroom that’s clean and reliable.

3. You Won’t Have to Deal with Regular Home Maintenance

While a regular home comes with some perks like a yard, or maybe even a pool, this can mean extra chores. A bigger home also means more rooms to clean, and in your older age, you may not have the strength or health to handle everything on your own.

Owning a motorhome means you downsize your living space and get rid of extras you don’t need anymore. Without a lawn to mow, or a pool to dredge, you’ll live a simpler life without as many chores.

4. Reduce Your Cost of Living

Once you retire, you won’t have any income coming in; all you’ll have to rely on is the nest egg you’ve saved up. While you may get more space by living in a conventional home, there are many associated costs that can add up, such as council tax.

When you trade in your house for a motorhome, you can cut many expenses out of your budget, such as Sky TV and heating bills in the winter.

5. See Family and Friends More Easily

If your family and friends are scattered across Europe, it may have been difficult to see them in the past. But once you’re retired, you’ll have all the time in the world to slowly make it across the continent to see your loved ones.

Plus, when you visit them, you won’t have to impose by taking up an extra room in their house. You can stay overnight in your motorhome, which can give everyone the privacy they desire.

6. Constantly Get Fresh Perspective

Does the thought of living in one place for the rest of your life fill you with dread? Then motorhome living may be ideal for you.

When you live in and travel with a motorhome, it lets you stay in places for a week or so, then you get to move onto the next big thing. Every few weeks, you’ll enjoy new sights outside your window.

7. Make New Friends

If you don’t have many friends, you can meet some on the way while you’re driving around in your motorhome. When you’re staying at a site, there will be other like-minded people who are staying there.

Strike up a conversation and you may find your next best friend. Who knows, you can maybe even go to a few places together as well!

8. You Won’t Have to Pay Property Tax

While you’re still liable for road tax with a motorhome, you won’t have to pay property tax on it since it’s a vehicle. You will be charged a couple of hundred pounds extra for having a vehicle worth over £40,000, but it’s still worth it when compared to property tax.

Considering the UK has one of the highest property taxes in the world, it may be a smart move to trade your home for a motorhome so you have more retirement money to utilise.

9. You Can Stay Active

When you’re stuck in your traditional home, you may not have good access to outdoor activities, or even a decent gym. It can be disheartening to be stuck at home without any physical activity.

Not only can you see the sights when you travel in a motorhome, but you can make stops at beautiful areas to hike, fish, or go boating. Not only does staying active keep you in better physical shape, but it can help with your mental state as well.

10. Be in Better Climates All Year Long

As you get older, you may not fare so well in the winter when the months are cold and wet. With a motorhome, you won’t have to be stuck in the UK during those times.

You can easily take your mobile home to Spain or France by ferry or the Channel Tunnel. That way, you can stay warm and enjoy fantastic weather all year long.

11. Creating Lasting Memories

In the end, the things that really matter are the memories you make, not the money. What’s the point of retirement if you spend it still pinching pennies, not going out and seeing the world?

Take a chance with a motorhome and do things you’d never do before. When you’re open to more experiences in life, you’ll have more to look back on.

Consider Motorhome Living for Your Silver Years

As you can see, there are so many benefits that come with motorhome living in your retirement years. If you want to spend your silver years travelling, then this is definitely the way to do it.

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