Buying a Used Campervan – What You Need to Consider!

The popularity of campervans has risen steadily in past years.

recent survey by Campervan Magazine found that escaping drudgery of life and freedom to pick up and go are two of the main reasons why people own campervans.

Are you dreaming about buying a campervan? Read on to learn all you need to know about buying a used campervan.

Perform an Inspection

One of the most important things to know about how to buy a camper is to always pay for an inspection.

You will want to see the camper for yourself. Yet, you should also pay for a professional inspection by a mechanic. This cost could save you thousands potentially so it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you ask for an inspection and the owner says no, run! Never, ever, rely on just pictures when buying a used camper.

Find Out About the Used Campervan’s Service History

It is common for people to keep repair and maintenance records for their campervans.

When you are considering buying a campervan, you should know as much about the history of the van as you can. It’s possible that the current owner has paid for extensive repairs or to fix minor issues.

You, of course, want to know about that before you buy. That’s where maintenance records can help.

They will give you the history of the van as well as help you plan for future repairs.  Be sure to ask for service records from the seller as well as the garages where the campervan has been serviced.

Unfortunately, not every owner will have a detailed history of the van. That’s when you’ll need to do your own research.

Consider the Brand

Every make and model of a campervan (or any vehicle in fact) has a unique history of success and failure.

The VW California often makes the list of best campervans. Ford has several campervan options that regularly earn rave reviews. For example, the Spartan, and Transit are commonly seen on Instagram as people live the van life.

Toyota’s HiAce has been on the road for 15 years. Each new release just keeps getting better and better.

Mercedes Metris Weekender, of course, allows people to slate their wanderlust while doing it in luxury. Plus, this van can be used for regular weekly driving.

Doing research is vital in learning how to buy a camper. Once you know what is common with that make and model, you will know what to expect in the future. This info can also give you specific items to look for when inspecting a van.

Look For Signs of Mould

One of the biggest nightmares with a used campervan is mould. Be sure to keep a careful eye out during an inspection for water damage on the floors and ceilings. Look at the walls, the corners and the caulk in the bathroom and around fixtures.

Also, mould anywhere on the interior of a campervan is a sure sign of leaks or plumbing issues. Shine a flashlight in closets and cabinets to look for signs of mould.

Though this may seem excessive, mould is a huge headache to deal with. Plus, it is problematic for your health.

You want to avoid buying a used campervan with mould. Or, if you do decide to buy it, you want to get a bargain price so that the repairs will be worth your time and effort.

Consider the Type of Roof

The type of roof in a used campervan is an important consideration.

Some campers come with high top roofs. These roofs are higher than regular vans. You never have to raise or lower the roof with this option.

However, it will alter your van’s aerodynamic abilities and limit where you can park.

With a pop-top, the roof stays down when traveling and is put up for when you are camping. Be sure to find out which brand of pop-top the campervan has. Copycat brands won’t have the quality of the brand names.

Elevating roofs are ones that are tucked into the camper while driving. Then, the roof can be cranked or pushed up to make a sleeping area. There are many elevating roofs on the market. Choose from  front, side, and rear lifting.

The leader of elevating roofs is German-made Reimo. This type of roof glues onto the van in one piece. The owner needs to cut a hole in the van’s roof to install. Be sure to find out when and who installed this roof before you buy it.

Consider a Converted Campervan

The ‘#vanlife’ hashtag has been used on more than 7.9 million Instagram posts. More and more people are buying vans and converting them to campervans to use to see the world.

Many of these converted campervans end up on the market again in a few years. Someone’s finished dream might just be the perfect way to start yours.

There are plenty of converted campervans to pick from, but remember that the quality is not always there.

Take it For a Test Drive

Here is the tip that is the most fun when buying a used campervan! Take it for a spin.

Whether you are buying it directly from the private owner or from a trade supplier, it’s a good idea to go for a test drive.

While test driving, give it some gas to see how the van handles different speeds. See how it does turning, stopping, swerving, and so on.

This is a good chance to see how you do at driving it. Does it feel too large for you to handle? Or do you think you can adjust to being behind the wheel?

If you plan to drive your campervan to mountains, you will want to test drive the camper up a few hills. Be sure to listen to the engine as you go up.

Look for signs of the engine getting too hot or making strange noises. Keep in mind also that while you test drive the van, it is empty. When you are taking your family to the best UK motorhome parks, it will be weighed down with people and gear.

Enjoy the Campervan Lifestyle

Having a campervan is a fantastic way to discover the country and beyond. We hope this article has helped you know what to look for when buying a used campervan.

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