Family Motorhoming: 9 Best UK Caravan Parks To Visit

Looking for the best caravan parks for your family get away?

Having a motorhome is a great way to live the mobile lifestyle when the mood hits you. Living in one brings many benefits to the owner, and it also provides an easy way to get the family together when you want to go on holiday.

After you’ve visited the major landmarks around your own area, you’ll want to go on longer road trips to explore the rest of the UK. Finding the perfect place to stop over for the night and park up your motorhome can be difficult if you don’t know where to go, though.

You wouldn’t want to stop in any place. You want to have a stop that has a purpose to make the trip memorable. Whatever your taste, this guide will tell you the finest spots to park your motorhome around the United Kingdom.


a motorhome parked in a caravan park

1. Drumroamin Farm, South Balfern

If you’re looking for natural beauty, then Drumroamin Farm is among the best caravan parks that offer this. The area gives you an unspoiled view of Wigtown Bay coupled with an amazing sunrise every morning. The stunning Galloway Forest Park also surrounds the caravan park.

The forest is a big contributor to the fresh air you breathe while you’re in the area. This also means that woodlands surround you where the water doesn’t. It makes the park an ideal place if you want to get away from the city.

Being this far away means that you have the pleasure of having no light pollution. This allows you to spend one of the darkest nights you’ll have in your lifetime. A great excuse to bring your telescope and admire the night’s sky.

2. Holland’s Wood Campsite, New Forest

Holland’s Wood is a great place to get away from city life with your family. The area gives a natural feeling to you and your family, but it allows you to set up a campsite in a grassless pitch. The shrubbery weaves between the campsites, giving you a break from muddy grassy areas that can get on both your clothes and your nerves.

The area also hosts a 143-mile path through the woods. This is ideal for a long bike ride or trek. It’s a great way to find time to bond as a family.

3. Strathclyde Country Park, Glasgow

This area is a great place to stop over when you’re heading for the highlands. Nothing can match the beauty of Strathclyde Country Park, especially as dusk approaches. The setting sun’s light bounces on top of the loch, making you feel at peace when you take it all in.

The great thing about the park is that it hosts wooden structures as camping pods. If you fancy a change from sleeping in your motorhome you can camp in these structures instead.

4. White Water Park, Stockon-On-Tees

Want to hear running water in your camping area? White Water Park is the best place for you to go to.

Looking for fun activities? The area is a great place to go rafting on white waters without the worry of getting lost under the waves. The river hosts the safest area to go whitewater rafting. It even allows people to go canoeing if they want to go for a gentler ride.

5. Doniford Bay Holiday Park, Somerset

If you want to go for a beach holiday in your motorhome, Doniford Bay is a great place to go to. The area is easy enough to go to for even travelling beginners. The open roads allow for a stress-free trip on your way to your destination.

Once you get there, a beautiful rock pool beach greets you. The smell of the beach air is strong and it will tempt you to stay longer.

6. Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire

The Vale of Pickering is a great place to have a luxury stay. The area is vast, boasts a lovely cafe and has a lot of spots for the children to entertain themselves in, including a fun playground area.

The best part of the area is that it’s close to the beautiful North York Moors National Park. This means you and your family can go for a short hike or bike ride to enjoy the scenery the park brings.

7. Burrs Country Park Club, Lancashire

Appreciate a bit of history in your campsites? Burrs Country Park is a great place to visit for a nice relaxing and educational trip.

The area is a historic mill site that surprises you with the relaxing sound of running water. The area doesn’t seem like the place to give you this much peace. The trees and shrubs help induce the calming atmosphere.

These elements make it the ideal place to take a relaxing walk around the area. The only time your peace gets disturbed is when a steam locomotive passes by. This is a welcoming sight, though, as it’s a piece of history that persisted through the years.

8. Abbey Wood Caravan Club, London

Fancy a little city camping? If you want to experience the rural feeling of a green oasis without straying too far from the city, Abbey Wood is the place to go. The area offers both grassy and all-weather pitching areas for you to camp on.

Abbey Wood also boasts great shops and good railway connections, providing frequent transport to central London in just 35 minutes.

The location is also close to Greenwich, allowing you to hop on a cruise of the Thames if the mood strikes you.

9. Woodlands Grove Caravan Park, Blackawton

If you want to go to a luxurious and high-end camping park, then you must take your motorhome to Woodlands Grove Caravan Park. The wide, natural area can host up to 500 campers at the same time. This doesn’t mean that you’ll find the area cramped, though.

Woodlands Grove gives each family ample room for them to move around in and offers all the amenities you will ever need. It  hosts different events throughout the day, offers one of the best falconry centres in the UK and you can even order a takeaway in the evening if you fancy a night off cooking yourself.

The best thing about Woodlands Grove is that you have choices to go for. You can opt for a spot with electrical setups or you can go all-natural and opt for non-electrical spots to pitch your tent on if you want to go al fresco.

Check Out the Best Caravan Parks in the UK Today

Heading out for a great holiday means every part of the trip is memorable, even the stopovers. Check out this list of the best caravan parks in the UK and map your trip today!

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