Campervan Versus Motorhome – Which One Should You Buy?

Often put together in the same breath, a campervan and a motorhome are two different things. They are certainly both great ways to enjoy holidays and leisure time, and choosing between the two is not always easy because they have their own particular benefits. Which one should you buy?

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What Are the Differences Between a Campervan and a Motorhome?

A campervan is built on a van chassis to a standard size but the interior has been converted for living. It is best to think of a campervan as similar to a van but with the interiors being renovated to allow people to travel up and down the country. 

A motorhome is almost a wider and taller version of a van. It is best to think of a motorhome as a caravan, but with a driver’s cabin at the front. A motorhome offers more flexibility for travellers for a number of reasons, predominantly because it has a washroom and a toilet, but it also has a number of other standard features, including:

  • Seating. 
  • Beds. 
  • Slideouts. 
  • Water tanks. 
  • Kitchen.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Campervan

A campervan is, for many people, a simpler choice. Some of the benefits of a campervan include the following: 

  • Easier to drive. 
  • Easier to park, which is critical if you are looking to drive through areas with height barriers. 
  • It is no more expensive to run than a car in terms of fuel and insurance
  • It is more flexible, as you can just put your possessions in the back and go. 

The disadvantages of a campervan include:

  • No kitchen or bathroom, meaning you will have to answer the call of nature in public toilets or outside. 
  • Limited storage.
  • Less living space, which could tip the balance if you are travelling as a family.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Motorhome

When you are considering a motor home, some of the benefits include: 

  • Bigger bathroom and more facilities in general. 
  • Extra space to put personal possessions and for larger families to stay. 
  • More headroom for people to move around. 
  • More general storage.
  • Better insulation.
  • Can be a better place to live if you are travelling long distances.

It also has some downsides: 

  • The cost of motorhomes can be higher, especially in terms of insurance and fuel
  • Can be difficult to drive, if you are not used to driving larger vehicles, it could prove troublesome as they are longer, wider, and higher, making it more dangerous on narrow roads. 
  • Can be difficult to park, as you cannot park in a regular parking bay or potentially at home, unless you have a big enough driveway. 
  • May require an additional driving test if the motorhome is over 3,500kg in MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) to get a C1 licence, which was only automatically included on licences up to 1997. 

Which One Should I Buy? 

The answer will depend on your specific needs. When it comes to making your choice, there are a number of things you must ask yourself:

What is My Budget? 

Your budget will greatly impact the type of vehicle you want. Generally speaking, a motorhome will be the more expensive option overall, but you’ve got to decide if it will be a long-term investment, where you spend lots of time in it, for example, going on family holidays

How Many People Are Coming? 

If you have a big family, a motorhome could be a better choice because it is larger and will make for a more comfortable journey. 

What Can I Drive Safely? 

You should take into account your skills as a driver because if you are driving a motorhome and do not understand the basics of driving safely, this could result in problems on the roads. Driving a motorhome is different from a campervan, which is much more similar to driving a standard car. 

What Would I Prefer? 

Finding the right one for your needs will involve you asking questions based on where you’d like to go, your lifestyle, and your finances. Asking yourself what you would really prefer is down to personal preference. 

Ultimately, you want to have a great experience in your campervan or motorhome, and understanding the differences between the two will help you make the right purchase.

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