Living in a Motorhome: 9 Benefits of Mobile Living for Young People

Tired of paying rent? Do you feel imprisoned in your apartment and does your world feel small due to the inability to travel and enjoy life?

Don’t lose hope! Let’s forget traditional homes and consider living in a motorhome!

If you’re not onboard living in a mobile house, we’ve got a few surprises for you. Check out this list to discover all the benefits of living in a motorhome and why you should make the move!

young professional enjoying a mobile living life

1. Never Homesick

One of the best benefits of mobile living is that you’re never homesick. Get the right motorhome and you’ll never want to leave it behind. The good news is you don’t have to!

Wherever you go, your home goes with you. Now you can enjoy long trips out of state or go on holiday to your parents without missing the comfort of a familiar place.

This becomes even more useful for people always on the road. If you’re moving away for college or if you have to move due to your work, you can now bring your home with you!

2. Mobility and Freedom

Is your current neighborhood suffering from inflated mortgage rates, floods, or an increase in crime rate? If you live in a traditional home, moving away can turn into a nightmare. You’ll have to list your home, sell it, and then worry about moving all your belongings.

You’ll never have to deal with these issues with a mobile home. If you feel like it’s time to go, you can simply pick up and go.

You also have the freedom to simply go wherever you want; if you want to spend time in the forest or try another city, you can!

3. Smaller Living Costs

A smaller home equates to smaller living bills. You’ll have fewer clothes to wash, fewer items to maintain, and you might even develop a more affordable diet too.

Living in a motorhome demands living tiny. You’ll own less. This may take some getting used to but in the long run it’ll help you organise your belongings and focus on your top priorities.

This means you can’t lug around expensive, space-taking gear. You’re not simply cutting down the living space but your expenses too.

4. Enjoying the Outdoors

Do you ever get tired of the city or town life? Isn’t it exhausting to always be indoors, playing video games or wasting the weekend binge-watching on Netflix or YouTube? Those are fun activities but it’s also refreshing to enjoy the outdoors.

Motorhomes give you that opportunity.

Simply drive to the nearest park, the woods, or mountain path and bring your home into the wild! Park wherever you want, as long as it’s legal to do so. Now you can go fishing, hiking, or camping without worrying about the trip home!

5. Lower Utility Bills

Since your home is always on the go, you won’t rely on traditional fixed lines. You’ll have to use utilities like solar energy to keep the lights running in your mobile home. Fortunately, a smaller home requires less energy, instantly cutting down how much you’ll spend for solar power installation and running costs.

The cost of using water stations and hooking up your motorhome from time to time is much lower compared to the cost of a traditional home. The plumbing costs alone could help you save on cash.

6. Easier Mortgage

Financing a motorhome is nowhere near as stressful as buying a traditional home. Most mobile homes cost a third of a normal house. Sure, some can cost more but you still get that same big advantage: mobility.

With the lower cost, you’ll likely be able to fully pay for your mobile home a lot more quickly. If you wish to spread the cost over 10 years, you can do so.

It also means you’ll have more years free from mortgage, allowing you to enjoy your hard-work money for other things.

7. No Need for Hotels

Going to visit relatives or friends in another city or town? For most people, they’ll have to arrange where to stay. Some people can squeeze into their family’s home but many have to settle for staying in a hotel.

That can get expensive!

The best part of a motorhome is that you can park anywhere deemed legal. This ensures you’ll never have to leave your mobile home to stay in a hotel.

When you visit your loved ones, you can now park in their drive, or on the side of the road. You can also park up at a nearby campsite and then drive over for any family activities that are going on.

8. Organised Life

Let’s get one thing clear: living in a tiny, mobile home requires you to declutter. It might be time to watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or other similar shows and learn how to organise your belongings.

You’ll have to let go of a lot of bulky things. You’ll also need to cut down on your clothes. There’s a limited amount of space in your motorhome so you have to focus on fitting in what you can.

Get rid of things you don’t need, don’t use, or have in excess. Don’t throw everything away though!

Instead, gather all the stuff you can’t put in your mobile home and sell them in a yard or garage sale. For everything else, donate them to charity or give them to a recycling center.

9. More Free Time

Cleaning a motorhome takes less time due to the small size. Maintenance takes less time too. You’ll also spend less time on chores such as washing clothes since you own fewer things too.

This frees your hands to focus on other things. Take the extra time to go outside, enjoy the outdoors, or finish that book and video game you have in your backlog. Maybe you can take this time to do a little work.

Consider Living in a Motorhome Today!

Living in a motorhome can help your finances, get you organised, and give you the freedom to live wherever, whenever. Why pay rent when you can get a mobile home and live wherever you want?

Convinced about their advantages but uncertain about which motorhome works best for your needs? We’re here to help you out! We’re always available so message us and let us get you on the right path to your mobile living dreams.

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