De-Clutter Your Caravan: 10 Amazing Interior Caravan Storage Ideas

With all of the benefits of buying a caravan, we know you’re ready to start your adventures ASAP. If this isn’t your first trip, you know that when people, food, and personal items are added to the equation, your caravan can become cluttered fast.

This is annoying to your passengers and ultimately bad for your health; research shows that messy environments stress us out. If your caravan isn’t well-equipped for your trip, you may regret leaving home in the first place. When building caravan storage solutions are costly, time-consuming, and challenging to make, how can you keep everything organised?

We’ve come up with some highly-customisable caravan interior ideas that won’t strain your back or your wallet. Check out our top ten caravan storage ideas that will get you on the road, clutter-free, in no time!

clutter free caravan

#1 Shoe Rack Organisers

If you have a lot of loose items that need to be organised and easy to grab, shoe rack organisers are a must-have for your caravan. We love the clear, see-through shoe organisers because you can easily throw in an item or take it out and always know exactly where to find it.

These incredibly affordable organisers can be hanged on any wall or door in your caravan within minutes. They also come in a variety of patterns and colours, so you can surely find something that suits the decor of your caravan. Check out the many ways you can use these organisers in your caravan’s storage solutions.

#2 Clothes Hanging Shelves

Say goodbye to permanent shelving and hello to these versatile hanging shelves. The velcro hanging strap on these shelves allows you to place this shelving system wherever it suits you best. These shelves are also highly compact, so if you decide to pack lighter for a trip, you can always fold them up and save them for another time.

#3 Hanging Pantry

Going on a bumpier journey? Keep your items in place with a zip-up hanging pantry. With hooks to attach to your ceiling top, these shelving solutions are great for caravans with limited cupboard storage and will give you more floor space. All you’ll need to do is find a good place to hang your pantry and start packing.

#4 Stackable Food Containers

Pantries can get cluttered and crummy fast, especially when your kitchen is on the move. Save yourself the cleaning time and keep your food fresh with this highly-organised and visually-appealing approach. These airtight containers make great caravan kitchen storage accessories. They are available in many dimensions, so you can choose the precise sizes of containers to fit perfectly in your food storage area.

#5 Undershelf Baskets

When you have vertical space that could be utilised in your caravan, you don’t need to build a single thing to obtain more storage area. Simply slide on an undershelf basket to the base of your caravan cabinet, refrigerator, or bathroom shelving to get instant storage for any additional items.

Need storage space elsewhere? Where there’s a shelf, there’s a spot for an undershelf basket. With multiple sizes options, you can select whatever sizes suit you and your storage areas best.

#6 Under Table Drawers

Caravan interior tables often serve more than one purpose during trips. Keep your table clutter-free while keeping things at hand – with under table drawers. Add a drawer for each of its uses and call it a day. Now your cutlery, games, and other table-bound items can be stored close by for easy access, and your table free from unnecessary disorder.

#7 Adhesive Hangers for Caravan Storage Ideas

Adhesive hangers can be used to hang up more than just a coat. Use them to hang hats and keys or go with more complex hangings for your kitchen or bathroom supplies. You can even use these hooks to hold any of the other hangable caravan storage ideas in place easily (as long as they’re not too heavy).

No matter what you decide to use these no-fuss hangers for, they’ll make organising your caravan supplies a breeze. Peel off the backing and place the hanger wherever it’s most suitable.

#8 Magnetic Wall Organiser

Similar to the adhesive hangers, using magnetic strips in your caravan gives you the flexibility of placing items in any location within your caravan—it’s also just as fast to install. Metal items such as metal spice storage systems, bathroom materials, and kitchen knives can be held on your magnetic wall organiser with ease by merely placing them on the strip.

If you’d like to add other non-metal items to your magnetic wall organiser, just add a magnet to the back of the item you’d like to store, as shown in this magnetic makeup organiser tutorial.

#9 Stackable Bins

Don’t let pre-built shelves tell you where to stop or begin storing your belongings. Instead, try stackable bins. Use a few to store items under furniture or stack these bins away to your heart’s content anywhere else within your caravan.

These stackable bins are also highly portable and can be carried in and out of your caravan with ease, making your packing and unpacking experience just a little bit easier.

#10 Bedside Caddy

Ditch the bedside table and save on floorspace with this simple bedside addition. With plenty of space for storing books, glasses, medications, and more, you’ll know exactly where things are when it’s time to get some rest. No more scrambling around for stuff lost in your sheets or under your bed with this storage solution.

Let’s Get Rolling

Now that you have these great caravan storage ideas to use during your road trips, it’s time to plan for your next excursion. If you happen to find that your current caravan needs more than interior storage solutions for a happy and safe holiday, it may be time for a new ride.

Need help financing your purchase? Contact us today to get started on finding the best caravan inside and out. We can’t wait for you to get rolling with the best (and most organised) caravan on your next big adventure.

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