How To Clean A Motorhome Inside And Out: 6 Top Tips

Whether you’re currently planning your summer motorhome road trip or you simply want to protect your vehicle, knowing how to clean a motorhome in style should be at the very top of your agenda. A clean recreational vehicle will provide a far happier home from home while a proactive approach can also prevent damage to the body as well as many of the internal assets.

Here are six of the best tips to restore your newly purchased used motorhome or the vehicle that’s not had any TLC since last summer. 

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#1. Rinse before you clean

When looking at how to clean a motorhome, it’s inevitable that you will start with the outside first.

Equipping yourself with the right tools and products for the job makes the job far easier, which is why a ladder can be very useful for reaching high spots and dedicated vehicle cleaning materials are ideal. Before using soaps and cloths, though, you should rinse and clean the outside of the motorhome using a hose or pressure washer. You can do this by;

  • Rinse down one side of the motorhome with a hose to loosen dirt.
  • Move onto the back, then the other side and front.
  • Use your ladder to get up high and rinse the roof.

This should remove most of the general dirt and grime, which will also highlight any areas where stubborn stains have accumulated. When completing the rinsing process, it is best to stay a few feet back for better coverage. Meanwhile, you must take care with the windows so as to avoid letting water cause damage to the seals.

#2. Get scrubbing, but lose the sponge

Cleaning stubborn stains will require a little elbow grease. However, sponges are known to harbour small particles that could scratch the paintwork, which is why using a microfibre cloth is advised.

Your first job is to clean the roof, which can be done from your ladder by using a dedicated motorhome shampoo and a long-handled brush. Scrubbing the dirt with horizontal strokes should deliver the best results. Subsequent steps include;

  • Moving around the caravan to get hit the hard-to-reach spots.
  • Using a bucket of warm water to rinse the lifted dirt away.
  • Using a long-handled emulsion pad to remove dirt that has collected around solar panels.

When scrubbing your roof, you shouldn’t need to scrub too hard and must take care around seals or other potentially vulnerable spots. If the roof was particularly dirty, it may indicate that you need to start parking it away from trees.

Cleaning the side panels will use a very similar method, except you probably won’t need long-handled brushes. Instead, you can use your microfibre cloth or noodle mitt to apply the cleaning solution with circular movements. To rinse the panels, use a clean towel or drying cloth and use straight strokes to avoid streaks.

#3. Give the windows some TLC

The windows of your motorhome require a little extra attention and should not simply be rinsed with the roof and side panels.

You should use a lighter setting on your hose to rinse the windows while a new microfiber sponge can be used with a household glass cleaning solution to get rid of any dirt. Alternatively, stronger window cleaning solutions can be used for particularly stubborn stains. You should also use this opportunity to;

  • Check that all seals remain in good health.
  • Any chips in the glass are noted as they may need fixing.
  • Dry the window with a microfiber towel to avoid streaks.

As well as cleaning the windows from the exterior, you should look to clean the internal window panes too. You can do this using similar methods and materials to your home windows. Clean windows will make your adventure far more enjoyable as you’ll be able to take the sights in. 

#4. Clean the wheels

No thorough vehicle clean is complete without treating the wheels. Aside from looking sparkly clean, it may actively promote better long-term health and performance of the tyres while simultaneously protecting the rims against mould.

You can remove grime accumulated from the road by using a tyre cleaning spray. It is also worth using a non-scratch brush for wheels as this will allow you to get between the spokes. Other top tips include;

  • Scrub hard to remove dirt and mould from wheel trims, and use warm water to rinse.
  • Remove small stones from the tyre tread with a tool – or wooden lolly stick.
  • Clean all four wheels, and then start the rinse from wheel one.

When cleaning the wheels, you should also pay attention to their condition. Driving long distances with the wrong air pressure or a small puncture could put your family at risk while also making the ride very uncomfortable. Besides, you’d rather avoid the need to call out roadside assistance. Especially when you’re on vacation.

#5. Clean the internal spaces

When cleaning the internal parts of the motorhome, your first task is to remove any items that have become damaged by dampness or other issues. This could include cushion covers, crockery, or bedding. It is important to open up the windows for good ventilation.

Your pre-holiday clean is also a good time to scrub down any surfaces and appliances while also vacuuming the carpets and upholstery. Dusting the shelves, curtains, and furnishings will be vital. Items can be aired outside if necessary while you may also want to consider the following tasks before the camping season arrives;

  • Deep clean the oven and the refrigerator.
  • Unhook dirty curtains and have them dry cleaned.
  • Move debris from the door frame and give all handles a thorough polish.

The motorhome’s interior isn’t that big, so it shouldn’t take you too long to give it a thorough declutter and clean. In turn, it should provide the perfect setting for all your upcoming adventures. This is also a good time to remove any rubbish from the driver’s cabin while also giving the dashboard and seats a once-over. New seat covers could be a great investment for covering stains you can’t remove.

#6. Check all fluids and water tanks

Finally, you must ensure that the various fluid containers have been cleaned. This should cover the water tank that is used for the ‘home’ aspects of your motorhome, as well as the fluids needed for driving. You can use a dedicated water tank to clean this crucial part of the motorhome. As for the vehicle aspects, you should;

  • Check the water container for your windshield wipers.
  • Flush the transmission.
  • Use a dipstick test to check the oil.

For the final touches, you should consider adding air fresheners and other items to promote pleasant smells and a cleaner atmosphere. Once the transformation is complete, implement the ‘little and often’ approach to cleaning to stay on top of the situation for many years to come.

Buy a new or used motorhome today

Even if you buy a new motorhome, the above tips should encourage easy maintenance over the years to come. However, buying a used motorhome should enable you to save money while a thorough clean could instantly add value to the asset as well as your future adventures.

To learn more about financing your motorhome purchase, contact our dedicated team of experts today.

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