Breathe Easy: A Guide to Clean Air Zones for Caravans, Motorhomes & Campers

As the UK government continues to increase its efforts on the Road to Carbon Neutral, reduced air pollution has become a key target in recent years, which has resulted in the introduction of various Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Low Emissions Zones (LEZ) across the country. While it is an issue that impacts all vehicles, it commands even greater attention from owners of caravans and other large vehicles. 

In this quick guide, we’ll look at where the Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Low Emissions Zones (LEZ) are found and what it means for caravans, motorhomes, and campers. 

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Where are the UK’s CAZ and LEZ zones?

Clean air zones don’t only impact motorhomes in classes A to C. They are designed to reduce air pollution in the UK’s biggest cities and vehicle hotspots, extending to all vehicle types as they must meet certain standards to avoid penalty charges.

Petrol and diesel car owners must conduct research specific to their vehicle types. For motorhome owners, the following information will help you understand the low emissions zones throughout the UK.

London ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone)

London’s ULEZ scheme, which aims to reduce air pollution in the capital, was expanded on 29 August 2023 to cover all boroughs throughout the city. So, if visiting Greater London or planning to use the M25, large vehicle owners must be aware of the regulations.

The minimum low emissions standards are set to Euro 4 (NOx) for petrol vehicles and Euro 6 (NOx and PM) for Diesel. Drivers should check their Euro emissions ratings and, where applicable, take the necessary action to avoid ULEX charges. The daily charge is £12.50, although failure to pay it will result in a much larger penalty.

Other UK Clean Air Zones

CAZs are also found in other cities in the UK. While each has different regulations, the general message is that a motorhome should have low emissions if it is to avoid paying a daily fee to enter the city’s clean air zone. The full list includes;

  • Bath – Class C restriction
  • Birmingham – Class D restriction
  • Bradford – Class C restriction
  • Bristol – Class D restriction
  • Portsmouth – Class B restriction 
  • Sheffield – Class C restriction 
  • Tyneside – Class C restriction

Caravan and motorhome owners should also pay attention to Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ), which tightened its restrictions on 1st June 2023. For vehicles that do not meet the requirements, there is a £60 initial penalty charge followed by further penalties of £120, £240, and £480. As with London, petrol vehicles should be at least Euro 4 while diesel should be at least Euro 6.

Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Dundee are all planning to add clean air zones while Manchester will introduce one by no later than 2026. So, if you own a caravan or motorhome, you must follow the latest developments in those cities. 

What can caravan owners do to combat the issue?

Despite facing some criticism, CAZ and LEZ are here to stay and motorhome owners must respect the regulations or face costly fines. The most effective way to avoid this issue is to upgrade to a more efficient vehicle that satisfies low emissions regulations.

Ideally, the motorhome will meet the requirements in all locations. At the very least, though, you must ensure that it meets all regulations in the city where it will spend most of its time.

In today’s climate, low emissions regulations must be a priority when considering different caravan types ahead of a purchase. Besides, low emissions vehicles tend to boast modern features, meaning you’ll see great enjoyment from the new camper.

Other useful tips for dealing with the impact of CAZ and LEZ in the UK include;

  • If only passing through a zone, consider an alternative route that avoids it. Paying a toll charge, for example, will be for less than a CAZ penalty.
  • When visiting a low emissions zone for a vacation, park your motorhome outside of this area and then use other transport (public or low emissions vehicles) to navigate the zone.
  • Be aware of where the low emissions zones start and end. The aforementioned London expansion is a great example of why knowledge is power in this instance. 
  • Try to offset some of the charges associated with low emissions penalties by implementing other money-saving tips for motorhome owners. This will reduce the financial impact of any fees you face.

Understanding low emissions zones abroad?

Many motorhome owners additionally use their vehicles for touring other countries and enjoying international travel. If visiting Europe, you should be aware of the following clean air initiatives;

France – Zones à Faibles Émissions (ZFE) are found in major cities including Paris, Lyon, and Lille.

Germany – Umweltzonens are found in Berlin and Munich.

Italy – Access to traffic-congested zones is limited based on the emissions of your vehicle.

Spain – Zona de Bajas Emisiones (ZBE) is present in Madrid and Barcelona.

Other countries including Belgium and the Netherlands have clean air zone initiatives too. If visiting those countries, or passing through them, it’s important to conduct the necessary research. 

Upgrade to a low emissions-compliant motorhome today

If you’re looking to upgrade your motorhome and enjoy more adventures in 2024 and beyond (or start your adventures with a first caravan purchase), opting for a low-emissions vehicle is highly advised. After all, clean air zones are only likely to expand over the coming years.

It is a major purchase, though, and getting the best loan for a new low-emission motorhome or campervan is vital. Here at Auto Finance Online, we pride ourselves on making the road to affordable motorhome ownership smoother than you ever imagined.

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