How To Sell a Touring Caravan – Our Best Advice!

There’s much to think about when selling a caravan. Like anything else, it’s never as straightforward as you may think. However, with a little planning, a checklist of everything that you need to do, and a little time, selling your touring caravan can be a piece of cake.

But why sell? Well, let’s be honest. Right now, people who once loved nothing more than hitting the open highway, heading to holiday destinations across Europe where you can enjoy a well-earned rest isn’t on the agenda.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put paid to both national and international travel. There may be light at the end in the summer, a roadmap to lift restrictions, but as we write this in March 2021, there is no guarantee that lockdown will be lifted – or even if it will be lifted internationally come the summer.

Selling a touring caravan might, to some, be a necessity. To others it can be a stab to the heart. But, even if you do sell, what’s stopping you banking the money and then buying a new, better caravan when everything gets back to normal. Which it will do. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

So, for anyone who has made up their mind and is determined to sell their touring caravan, below you’ll find the essential advice you need to make sure that the whole process is simple, straightforward, and easy.

a secondhand caravan for sale

How to Sell Your Touring Caravan

There are a few stages to selling a touring caravan. If you want to have a successful sale, making sure that you follow each one is vital. If not, you may find yourself struggling to get a sale over the line – and having a caravan that you could get a lot of money for left on your drive for months and months, or worse, forever!

Interested in learning the best selling a touring caravan advice? Keep reading.

Make Sure It’s in Pristine Condition… Or as Close to Pristine as You Can Get It!

You won’t inspire anyone to live an aspirational caravanning lifestyle with a dirty, decrepit, shabby caravan. At best, you might have one or two enquiries, even an offer, if you’re lucky. But we guarantee that any offer will be drastically less than the price you want.

The best way to sell a touring caravan is to get off on the right foot. Make sure that it’s spic and span. This means giving it a deep clean. Inside and out. Get your hands on some heavy duty or specialist vehicle shampoo and polish and get stuck in. Focus on cleaning the windows, doors, and wheels. You caravan should be as close to sparkling condition as you can get it.

Once the exterior is sparkling, it’s time to move on to the interior. Remember that potential buyers will want to envision themselves spending time in the interior cabin. Untidy and dirty interiors won’t inspire anyone to get inside and travel for (potentially) hours!

You can buy specific, formulated cleaners to clean the plastic surfaces and any fixtures and fittings. Beyond that, you can use specialised caravan cleaning products to get the interior sparkling again.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove and dust, dirt, and debris on the carpet floors. If you have a linoleum or vinyl floor, a good mop should remove any dirty marks and stains. You can buy specialist caravan glass window cleaner to get the windows sparkling again.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a fresh or floral scent. Invest in a couple of Glade plugins or open the windows to get the fresh air circulating. This makes a big difference – one that prospective buyers will notice!

Write a Great Advert… And Add a Few Attractive Images

Now on to the advert. Remember, a good advert will inspire both passive and active buyers.

It should showcase everything that buyers can enjoy. A great advertisement is, arguably, the best way to sell touring caravan. Why? It piques buyer’s interest. Immediately. Remember, you’re not just selling a vehicle, you’re selling a lifestyle. Your ads should be as attractive to buyer’s as you can possibly make it.

Make sure that you explain the key features of the caravan. Communicate vital information, like when the caravan was last serviced. Be sure to write the biggest selling points clearly – and preferable at the start of the copy. Be honest and positive. You could even share experiences you’ve had and why you’ve loved the vehicle!

Don’t forget to write about your caravan’s key features. All ads should include the following:

  • Caravan type (touring)
  • Make
  • Model
  • Age and registration
  • Dimensions (length and width)
  • Service history (including CRIS documentation)
  • Any security or technical enhancements

Now, the images. If possible, make sure that all images are high definition. Be sure to capture interior and exterior angles that showcase your caravan in its best light. Take images of the interior cabin and storage space. You want buyers to click through each and then say to themselves, ‘that’s the caravan for me!’

The Price and the Sale

For many people, it can be difficult to settle on the right asking price. Too high and you won’t attract any buyers. Too low and buyers could worry if there’s something wrong with the vehicle which you’re not telling them.

If you’re unsure of the right asking price, try searching websites like AutoTrader, or specialist caravan retailers to see what their asking prices are.

Remember retailers generally price vehicles a little higher than private sellers. Why? They anticipate some degree of haggling. Your asking price should reflect your selling priorities.

So, if you want to achieve the best possible price, you may want to price the caravan a little higher. To achieve a quick sale, you might want to offer a competitive, almost generous asking price. Still unsure? Click the link here to view thousands of caravans for sale on AutoTrader.

Decide how you want to be paid. Large cash transactions aren’t really the best way to go – you don’t want to be duped into accepting fake notes! Ask for a BACS transfer. Remember, don’t release the caravan to a potential buyer until the money has cleared. Wait a few hours if necessary. Honest buyers will understand that when selling a touring caravan, you’ll need to make sure that everything is above board.

Be wary of personal cheques or bank and building society cheques. Why? They can be problematic. Personal cheques can be issued without sufficient available funds. Bank and building society cheques can be forged and, of course, don’t let buyers drive away without having paid for your caravan – you may never see them again!

Follow Our Essential Advice and You’ll Achieve a Successful Sale

It’s not difficult to conclude how to sell your touring caravan, it just takes a little planning and common sense. The good news is that it’s a buyers’ market out there. You’re unlikely to have to entertain timewasters and this year there’s likely to be loads of people planning their summer holidays in the UK rather than going abroad on a traditional holiday – meaning that demand for caravans will be high!

If you’re looking to invest in a caravan, we can help you finance the ideal vehicle. Use the calculator here to see what you’re pay or get in touch  with us today to find out more.

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