5 Of The Best Motorhome & Caravan Gadgets For 2021

Just stop for a moment and think about all the gadgets you use at home on a daily basis.

Perhaps you’re someone who spends hours glued to your iPhone or has invested in your family’s safety and security with a Ring doorbell. Maybe you’ve discovered an Oculus VR headset and use it as your primary means of entertainment or have made a resolution to improve your physical fitness and bought a Fitbit.

Gadgets. They’re everywhere. They’re fun. They can make our lives easier. They can help us to reach our goals. Even provide us with something that money can’t buy – peace of mind.

Now, this is all well and good for our homelife, but what about when we go on holiday. Are their any caravan and motorhome gadgets that are perfect for people who enjoy nothing more than hitting the open road and travelling to a picturesque part of the country for a relaxing caravanning holiday?

Of course, there are!

Interested in learning about the five must-have caravan gadgets of 2021? We’ve got you covered.

a couple using gadgets in their motorhome

Emove 303 Semi-Automatic Motor Mover

Let’s face it, manoeuvring a caravan isn’t an easy task. We’re betting that over the years plenty of people have accidentally squashed flagging or bumped the rear of their caravan on a structure or two!

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could manoeuvre your caravan remotely using a handheld controller? This is precisely what the Emove 303 Semi-Automatic motor mover does.

The flagship Emove 303 Semi-Automatic Mover features easy-wind rollers for the swiftest manual-engage movement tailored to terrain and conditions. With progressive technology for accurate and shockproof manoeuvring and a full diagnostic headset which alerts users to when they need to recharge the battery and replace the handset, the Emove 303 Semi-Automatic motor mover makes manoeuvring your caravan so much easier.

Additionally, the Emove 303 is built with solid aluminium drive rollers and direct drive gears, making these moving and toeing gadgets both easy-to-operate and durable. Suitable for both single and twin axle caravans, this semi-automatic motor mover continues to be a big hit with seasonal campers across the UK.

Solwise Wi-Fi Booster

Your home from home isn’t complete without Wi-Fi.

Now, some of us may yearn for a device detox when on holiday – and that’s all well and good – but what if you want to check out if there are any great eateries close to where you’re staying, share holiday snaps on Instagram, or keep the kids quiet and entertained as you hit the highway? You need good Wi-Fi.

Topping the list of the best Wi-Fi motorhome gadgets is the Solwise Wi-Fi Booster. This compact device is perfect for making sure that you have a consistently strong Wi-Fi connection by scanning all available networks and storing preferred ones.

Featuring an auto installation function and diagnostic utilities, this Wi-Fi booster will turn your caravan into a mini hotspot. Sold with an N-type antennae and a 5m USB connection cable, connecting to the internet is simple, secure, and seamless.

Kampa High Pressure Electric Pump

Imagine travelling for hours, arriving at your destination as the sun begins to set over a scenic landscape. All you want to do is to settle in for the night, relax in a chair and watch the sunset with a mug of hot chocolate or glass of wine.

But wait, there’s a problem. Hitching your caravan or motorhome awning can take ages. Your chances of settling down and relaxing in nature after a long drive are non-existent. Instead, you’re forced to retreat indoors and surf the internet or flick the tele on. Is that what the great outdoors is about? Obviously not.

Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be the case. Invest in a Kampa High Pressure Electric Pump and you can save oodles of time when setting your awning up. This means that you can get on with your holiday as soon as you arrive. Featuring an adjustable pressure level, digital pressure gauge, and automatic cut-out when the correct pressure is reached, this electric pump is a requisite for anyone with an awning.

BioLite CampStove 2

For veterans of sleeping under the stars, it can seem like each year brings a whole new raft of innovations; products that you simply can’t go on a camping trip without. Some are worth your money. Others… not so much.

The BioLite CampStove is firmly in the former category. This camp stove uses biomass fuel (wood, twigs, pine cone etc.) to generate electricity to charge smartphones, kettle pots, even portable grills.

No conversation about what are the most innovative, best caravan gadgets would be complete without mentioning the BioLite CampStove 2! Its fully integrated system means that you can grill, boil, cook, and charge on the go – there’s even a USB FlexLight that you can plug in for added illumination.

Multi-purpose and versatile, this gadget is equipped with an internal fan which means that burning fuel is clean and smokeless. No longer will you have to haul liquid fuel or cannisters to make a brew or cook your dinner.

Better still, buy a BioLite CampStove and you’ll be doing your part for the environment by not releasing CO2 (the chief culprit of climate change) from an open fire into the atmosphere.

Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker

Those who kickstart the day with a shot of rich espresso don’t have to suffer weeks of instant coffee when holidaying in a motorhome or caravan. The Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker comes in a range of models, each capable of delivering a delicious cup of coffee in every single cup.

Designed for environments with limited space, these non-electrical, battery-free caravan gadgets feature an eco-friendly hand pump which produces 16-bar pressure, enabling them to brew the perfect espresso. Ideal for use with ground coffee or ESE pods and being robust and lightweight, you can enjoy a rich, aromatic cup of coffee at the touch of a button.

Now an espresso maker might not immediately seem like a must-have gadget when caravanning but remember those little comforts can make all the difference!

Must-Have Gadgets Improve Your Caravan and Motorhome Experience

So, as you can see there is a wide range of caravan and motorhome gadgets that will improve your experience. If you’re someone who loves nothing more than heading to some of the UK’s most tranquil beauty spots and sleeping under the stars, you’ll find a gadget that will make the experience all the more pleasurable.

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